Reaching the Forgotten

I have been reminded recently of how there are men and women out there that are reaching people that are mostly forgotten by the average believer. Two of my sons had the privilege to help a missionary with their annual Bible camp this year. This camp is not your usual camp. It is a "fly in" Bible camp. The camp is called Beacon Bible Camp. The pastor that founded it and runs it is Pastor Jim Pfaffenroth and his wife Sharon.

Jim and Sharon Pfaffenroth

They have been missionaries to North Saskatchewan for approximately 30 years. This camp is by Uranium City, where their church, Beacon Baptist Church is located. This couple has been reaching out to children of aboriginal communities for decades, flying them in by airplane to give these precious children an opportunity to hear the Gospel and experience the love of Christ and the stability it brings. My sons returned today after spending one month with this ministry. I can tell God has done a good work in them. Pray for these missionary heroes as they continue to serve the Lord in the north reaching these forgotten people.

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