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Soulwinning Attendance

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How to Prepare for Soul winning


  • Pray together before starting.

  • Bring a New Testament if you are leading at doors.

  • have a stack of tracts.

  • Be familiar with the tract. It works well to read through the tract with the prospect if they are willing.

  • Make sure your breath is fresh.

  • Never look in windows or walk across lawns.

What to do at a door

  • Try ringing the doorbell or knock three times before leaving a tract in the door.

  • Introduce yourself, your partner and our church as you hand them the gospel tract. Do not take the tract back if they want to return it.

  • Be folksy to warm up the conversation

  • Be considerate of timing. If they are in the middle of supper, ask to come back later.

  • It helps to ask whether they have a church they go to.

  • If they are not willing to talk, be kind and thank them for taking the time to talk to you.

  • Keep track of visit with provided list and clipboard.​

Silent Partner​

  • There must be two people at doors.

  • If there are more than two on your team, the silent partners can alternate waiting on the sidewalk.

  • Take time to learn by being a silent partner before speaking at doors.

  • Silent partners pray silently while the leader talks.

  • A silent partner is welcome to join a conversation when it is small talk.

  • When the leader is speaking, look at the leader not the person in the home.

  • Try to minimize distractions whenever possible.

Clothing (semi casual):

  • Men will wear collared shirts and  semi casual pants (not T shirts and jeans)

  • Ladies will wear knee length or longer modest skirts and modest blouses.

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